Aim & Conquer provides training to individuals and teams who want to improve their responses while under pressure. Program curricula can be customized to the specific needs of the individual (e.g., health & wellness, relationships) or the team (e.g., leadership teams, finance teams, sales teams). Key training tools include audio meditations, breath work, reflective journaling, physical exercises, and structured interactions. Other, more unique tools - for example, video games - can also be used as part of the program, for they are excellent at simulating stressful situations and enabling the development of self-awareness, self-regulation, and team collaboration.

The combination of these training modalities supports the development of one’s sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems so that one can more effectively take on and complete one's daily responsibilities. Benefits include improvement in one’s ability to relax, release tension, reduce anxiety, manage pain, sleep restfully, increase focus, and feel energized. 

Before founding Aim & Conquer, I founded the Beverly Remedy Center, where I provided healing and coaching services, including acupuncture, to business executives, athletes, and those battling serious illnesses. Recently, I observed how much time my children were spending engaging with screens, and I wanted to find a way to make it beneficial for their mental-emotional functionality. My vision is for Aim & Conquer to adapt and translate the same healing principles and treatments I offered my clients at the Beverly Remedy Center to a holistic development program that leverages the best aspects of technology.

I’m very excited about the opportunity to work with you and your team, and in general to launch this program. If it strikes you as interesting, I encourage you to reach out. Thank you, and be well!

Technology & video games

Staring at a screen for hours at a time can exert a toll on the nervous system and leave you feeling worn down, lethargic, or even exhausted. This is true whether you’re browsing social media, attending Zoom Calls or Google Meets while working remotely, binge-watching a series on Netflix or your favorite streamers on Twitch, or playing video games.

Engagement with technology is increasing rapidly, and it does not appear that this trend will slow down any time soon. The more hours that people invest in consuming life through screens, the more important it is for them to monitor and regulate their mental-emotional well-being while doing so.

Video games are, in my opinion, a great training ground for the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. They demand a high degree of focus, rapid response time, collaboration with teammates, creativity, and the breaking of unsupportive habits. Without proper regulation, they can “fry” your internal circuits and lead to unnecessary tension and fatigue.

Aim & Conquer sees this trend toward increased use of technology and wants to work with it to help individuals and teams improve their mind-body functionality and enable higher performance. By developing the parasympathetic nervous system’s ability to support the “fight or flight” intensity of the sympathetic nervous system, people can become empowered to more effectively manage the quality of their state of being while interacting with technology.

Parenting, healthcare, & education

Over the last few years, my primary focus has been on parenting. I have spent time investing and training in the martial arts, but most of my time has been dedicated to supporting the development of my three children.

I’ve written a lot about parenting – you can click on the following links to find some of my perspectives on approach, and aims, and challenges, and relationships, or check out any of the parenting-related posts on my blog.

As a parent, I want to support my children to achieve a high degree of success. This includes not only societal success like attending good schools, working for good companies, earning a lot of money, and establishing a set of supportive relationships with family and friends, but also experiencing high levels of physical & mental-emotional health and well-being on a consistent basis.

For me, parenting, healthcare, and education are very closely related. Effective parenting educates children on how to promote their own health. This is the same function that doctors, trainers, psychologists, coaches, and others provide for their clients. Because schools do not currently include these kinds of teachings as part of their curricula, it falls on parents to fill in the gaps and support the development of their children’s self-awareness and self-regulation.

The biggest threat I see to my children’s well-being is managing their engagement with technology. My goal with Aim & Conquer is to offer trainings that give them the tools to participate with technology in ways that enhance their physical and mental-emotional capabilities.

Mind-body issues that impact the nervous system   

When the nervous system is under stress, there are many ways in which it can break down. Excessive fear about what the future might bring can manifest as anxiety. An improper balance of tension and relaxation can lead to physical and mental-emotional injuries that limit adaptability. Ineffective rest and rejuvenation can result in fatigue, lower awareness, and reduced responsiveness.  An inability to "shoulder the load" one is asked to carry can result in avoidance, blame, excuses, and other forms of self-sabotage.

These are the opponents that Aim & Conquer trains to defeat.

Through training your response to stress, you can reduce unnecessary tension that accumulates in your mind-body structure and inject more space, ease, and freedom into your overall experience.

Join the battle against these opponents. Contact Aim & Conquer about organizing a training program.

Characteristics of high-performing nervous systems

A high-performing nervous system results in many beneficial qualities, including dynamic movement and adaptability, high levels of ease and flow, self-awareness and effective regulation, an abundance of enthusiasm and liveliness, a resilience to the pressures and stresses life continually brings, and much more.

These are qualities that Aim & Conquer seeks to train.

Training in these areas can create possibilities for meaningful personal growth. The more you can meet life’s challenges feeling relaxed, rejuvenated, flexible, empowered, battle-tested, and humbled by the opportunity, the more you can appreciate and contribute to your experience.

If you’d like to learn more about Aim & Conquer’s trainings, send a message here.

The secret to effective training

Everything the mind-body structure experiences starts with the breath. This is why yoga, meditation, mindfulness, and other exercises that promote increased awareness of one’s breathing are such effective treatments for mental-emotional tension.

When you breathe well, you are highly connected to all that is happening inside you and in the environment around you. There is an ease with which you take in and release the air in which you exist. Any deviations from flow within that present moment can be noticed, and course-corrections can be made in an instant. Being alive feels like a fun challenge.

Aim & Conquer trainings emphasize breathing as a core component of high-functioning nervous systems. Considerable attention is given to awareness of it while engaging meditations that stress the cognitive frame and self-reflective and physical exercises.

If you would like to improve your quality of breathing, contact Aim & Conquer to learn more about its programs.

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