Determining Your Approach to Parenting

There is no shortage of parenting-related guidance, advice, tips, principles, articles, goals, methods, plans, resources, topics, videos, zoom classes, rules, and expertise readily available. Every parent wants to be a good parent. Every parent wants to develop a parenting style that is effective and that feels good to practice. As a parenting approach, Aim & Conquer emphasizes the following aspects:

There is no one "answer" as to how to show up as a parent

All parents can benefit from developing an approach that works for them. Aim & Conquer focuses on helping parents discover what that approach is, without over-specifying what it needs to be.

Application of knowledge is more important than "knowing" on its own

What matters most is how parents show up in the interactions with their children. No parent would argue against setting and upholding supportive rules in beneficial ways, but actually doing it in the heat of the moment is an entirely different thing. Parents must work on themselves to make sure they consistently show up as their best.

It is beneficial for parents to lead by example

Making sacrifices to put the family first and to deliver on social and communal responsibilities sets the right tone for children and models wholesome behaviors that can serve them throughout their lives.

Parenting can be seen as a bottom-up spiritual process vs. a top-down dictatorial process

Parents who value the personal development feedback that comes from parenting and who become increasingly adaptable in listening to, learning from, and working with their children will have more agility and effectiveness in handling the situations they find themselves in. It's not about forcing things through; it's about supporting your children's stability skillfully so that their growth potential is fully realized.

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