Parents face a wide range of challenges 

You have a large influence on your children's health

  • How you teach them to manage their emotions
  • What kinds of routines you promote in relation to food (how you guide them to maintain a proper weight)
  • How well you support them to maintain their sense of joy, lightness, and playfulness as they experience the process of growing up

Your words and actions shape your children's views on school 

  • How do you set a schedule that facilitates their personal growth and development
  • How do you communicate the advantages that will be available to them if they get good grades
  • How do you guide them to develop meaningful friendships and to deal with bullies
  • How do you encourage them to participate in sports and other activities that build their connection to something bigger

Your children rely on you to guide them through difficult conversations

  • About sex, drugs, success and failure, love, power, and freedom
  • About chores, household rules, phone usage, and other boundaries and limitations
  • About working together to improve well-being for the family as a whole

Your children need your help in adjusting to life changes

  • Transitioning to a new school, a new city, a new routine, or other new circumstances
  • Responding with purpose to illness or injury
  • Dealing with loss in ways that allow for healing
  • Going through the teenage years with a supportive mindset and spirit

Aim & ConquerĀ supports parents who have the spirit to take on and conquer these challenges

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