Power Up to Deliver as a Parent 

The rules you set, and how you set them, impacts your children

At home, you decide what to allow and what not to allow - where to draw the line. Eventually, your children are going to bump up against one of your lines, and when they do, there can be conflict. How you (and your partner) handle yourselves in those interactions has a significant impact on your children.

Sometimes you might not be at your best. Sometimes you might get triggered. Sometimes you might feel a little impatient, and sometimes you might say the wrong thing at the wrong time.

Even when your intentions are pure, you can end up in a place where your child doesn't want to connect with you and your relationship is "less" than what it can be.

Aim & Conquer trains you to regulate your response under stress so that you can respond at home with a higher level of presence. This way, you're less reactive and you show up with more effectiveness while you go about fulfilling your duties as a parent.  

You can do this by getting more in touch with your breathing, using that connection to engage self-reflection, and honing the set of principles that guide your interactions. Sign up for the newsletter to learn more. 

Your children count on you to provide a lot for them 

Every day, your children are being influenced by their friends, by teachers and authority figures, by television and other entertainment, and by their own thoughts and emotions. They need your support and guidance to sort it all out and develop a healthy relationship with themselves.

Kids need a partner they can talk to openly about what's on their mind, even when the topic is a charged one (like drugs, sex, anger, sadness, fear, failure, etc.). How do you earn that trust? 

It helps when you have trained your ability to be calm and present, open to wherever the discussion may go, while you engage those difficult conversations. Aim & Conquer offers programs that coach you to get internal clarity so that you can communicate in an empowering way that works for you. You'll also get access to other parents who are similarly motivated to show up supportively for their families. Sign up for the newsletter today to get connected.

Parenting is a responsibility that benefits from preparation  

Most parents have not healed from the pain they experienced as children. It's not that their parents were bad parents or that they didn't try hard enough; it's just that all kids experience pain, and it's hard for them to process that pain properly.

Parenting is stressful. You're always under pressure. If there are any physical, mental-emotional or spiritual weaknesses, they can show up at the worst time when you are interacting with your children.

It takes preparation to repeatedly show up with peace, stability, and strength when you engage conflict at home. Aim & Conquer helps you train to make progress towards that state of being.

Prepare yourself so that you can parent your children with greater awareness than your parents parented you. Connect with Aim & Conquer to learn more about how we can provide support.

Aim & Conquer helps you build true partnerships at home

Children can experience difficulty in many dimensions of life, and it's on you to partner with them and help them through those challenges.

With Aim & Conquer, you'll develop a personal stability and presence that you can apply to build great relationships with your children. You'll explore common issues that cause conflict and stress and disconnection at home and train yourself to better support your kids in handling them. You'll learn a framework for beneficial self-talk that you can pass on to your kids. And there's a lot more. 

You and your children can feel like you're on the same team even when you're going through adversity. Sign up for Aim & Conquer's newsletter to learn more. 

It feels great to see your children prosper

One of my visions for Aim & Conquer is to build a community of parents who collaborate to provide children with a more practical, effective education - one that covers the gaps missed by the traditional education system - so that our kids have a better chance of overcoming the challenges they'll face, including those driven by rapid advancements in technology, and achieving success they find meaningful.

We can all benefit from those who are willing to share their perspectives, their challenges, and their principles. I will continue to develop Aim & Conquer's offerings and share them with you, and, if the company's mission resonates with you, it would be great to get in touch. Feel free to sign up below for the newsletter. Hope to connect with you soon.

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